• To represent a select group of domestic and international suppliers, marketing and selling their brands in all Canadian markets.
  • To build our suppliers brands, achieving long-term growth through specific communications, targeted brand support and sales activities.
  • To build and maintain positive, long-term relationships and partnerships with our suppliers and customers.
  • To achieve a sense of pride, gratification and accomplishment through the attainment of our individual and corporate goals and thus supplier goals.

Our Commitment

  • To grow our business through creative brand-building, marketing and sales.
  • To develop channel business plans and long-term brand-building activities to grow the volume and profitability of all of the brands.
  • To be a customer-driven agency, focused on managing the brands cooperatively with provincial liquor boards, independent retailers and on-premise accounts.
  • To communicate brand features, attributes and benefits to our customers and end consumers through  all channels.
  • To deliver measurable, accountable, accurate and transparent results to our suppliers.
  • To provide a turnkey service for our suppliers, with one central office, one national direction for the brands, one national team, and consistent, streamlined communications.

What we do

Know the markets

We offer a comprehensive knowledge of each of the provincial markets and their regulatory bodies, through years of experience, personal contacts and ongoing, daily contact. We provide this intelligence to our suppliers through our management of their brands, when they are considering the listing of a new brand, line extension, or contemplating changes to an established brand.

New product process

We manage of all of the steps involved in bringing a brand to market, from the receipt of initial samples, preparation of listing applications, marketing plans and budgets, product presentations, packaging compliance, inventory management, product launch, and the building of retail and on-trade presence, outlet by outlet.

Strategic planning

We develop channel business plans and long-term strategies to build and expand the business through all available points of sale.

Brand management

We build brand awareness, volume sales and profitability, through distribution and promotion in select retail outlets and appropriate  on-trade accounts.

Consumer promotions

We build brands consistent with our suppliers brand strategies, and create consumer desire to purchase through all consumer touch points including tastings, promotions and events.

Inventory management

We have a comprehensive inventory management/supply chain system that tracks each SKU by market, based on fully developed relationships with all provincial liquor boards, warehouses, and freight forwarders.

Trade marketing

We build brands for long-term profitability and growth through promotions and material designed to increase awareness and secure a permanent listing and desired display positioning.

Staff training

We educate retail and on-premise staff on the features and benefits of the brands and how to sell them to customers in each channel, through product knowledge and value-added sales techniques.


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