Marketing and Promotions

The provincial liquor boards provide a number of merchandising and promotion program opportunities to suppliers of beverage alcohol brands. All program initiatives must be applied for through formal applications based on specified promotion criteria.  Display programs are available for virtually all products. These programs include:

  • Floor displays primarily for high-volume brands.
  • Shelf extenders primarily for medium-volume brands.
  • Shelf talkers can be used for new, low-volume or super-premium brands.

KIRKWOOD DIAMOND CANADA features brands through:

  • Limited-time offers (LTOs) or price reductions.
  • Value-add offer of an item or 50 ml miniature attached to a host bottle.
  • Value-add items of branded non-liquid items
  • Air Miles reward programs offering Air Miles points with purchase.
  • Contests for prizes such as branded items, trips or merchandise.
  • Neck tags for product information, recipes, etc.
  • Store tasting programs for consumer sampling.
  • Special events for product groups and categories.
  • Ethnic niche programs.
  • Advertising in liquor board magazines.
  • Advertising in all available electronic and print media, including the internet and related
    social marketing.
  • Press relations and event management/co-ordination