Canadian whisky is distilled from either a mixed or a single grain source and its unique distilling process is carried out in multiple-column stills in a continuous operation, producing a softer, lighter whisky. Each distiller has his own mash bill recipe and the distilling techniques adopted are designed to create whiskies with individual characteristics, resulting in a great diversity in the available brands. 

Canadian whisky is aged in oak casks under controlled temperatures for a minimum of three years. Maturity – not age – is the yardstick by which each whisky is judged. Canadian whiskies are subtle blends; master blenders use secret recipes to integrate up to 20 different whiskies. The market for the quality and softer style of Canadian whisky is widening. The U.S. was its first export market and it remains its biggest customer, but its popularity is growing in other parts of the world.

Canadian Whisky Suppliers