distillerie Francoli

Distillerie Francoli was founded in Ghemme in 1951 by Luigi Francoli, an enlightened member of a long line of distillers. Over the years the company has grown significantly and there is now a staff of around 50 and an annual production of 3 million bottles.

Distillerie Francoli was the first Impatto Zero® (Zero Environmental Impact/Carbon Neutral) grappa distillery in the world. For over 30 years we have adopted environmentally-friendly production processes, and our distillery is powered by fuel of exclusively vegetable origin (dried grapes skins) in order to ensures a neutral carbon balance. We also reuse water thereby minimizing consumption. We adopt photovoltaic systems for the production of energy. The gasses emitted during distillation and by the company’s day-to-day activities such as production and commerce are compensated by the planting of a large area of tropical rainforest which helps to ‘absorb’ the company's CO2 emissions. This is the first step in Distillerie Francoli moving towards autonomy in terms of energy, by using alternative, natural, clean and renewable sources.

We distill a wide variety of grappa (aged and unaged) as well as other spirits such as brandy and also produce a comprehensive range of Italian liqueurs. Additionally we are renowned wine producers in the north of Piemonte. You can find more information via the weblinks below.

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