Domaine Pinnacle

Located on the southern slopes of Pinnacle Mountain in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, on a 430-acre property, Domaine Pinnacle is a family-owned orchard and cidery, founded in 2000. They are dedicated to producing the world's finest ice cider where the key product characteristics come from a blend of 6 different apple varieties, lending depth and complexity to their products. Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider can be enjoyed equally well as an aperitif, a dessert wine, or with a variety of foods. Ideal summer growing conditions and frigid Quebec winters join forces to create this opulent and delightful nectar unlike anything else you've tasted before. Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider: has a rich golden colour with orange highlights. The aroma is of fresh apples, cinnamon and spice, with a hint of honey while the palate is opulent, intense and complex. Its sweetness is exquisitely balanced by acidity that keeps it from being cloying and makes for a clean finish. It is reminiscent of find icewines or Sauternes. Website: