Rossi D'Asiago Limoncello

Rossi D'Asiago offers you spirits and liquors produced from grapes grown in the regions of Veneto Friuli Venezia Giulia in northern Italy. The rich soil and the pleasant climate of the regions bring about the extraordinary freshness and rich scent of these grapes which makes them famous all over the world. Limoncello: Limoncello Rossi D'Asiago is obtained only from the finest raw materials infusion of natural Sicilian lemon peels, without the addition of artificial flavours and colourings. Italy, great producer of lemons, bottles this golden infusion of lemons, which is more than a liqueur...It is the sun in a glass. Silver Meal - The 2009 International Review of Spirits Master Troph - The Spirits Business 2009 Mirtillo Blueberry Schnapps: Following an ancient recipe, it uses only carefully selected blueberries and finest aged grappa. Every bottle contains 30 grams of luscious berries. Website: