Francois Lurton

Representing the 5th generation of the Bordeaux Lurton Family, François Lurton set up his own business in 1988 firstly with his brother Jacques. Today he runs the company single-handedly : owns and produces wines in estates in four countries: Argentina, Chile, Spain and France.

François and his brother Jacques started making wine in Argentina as far back as 1992. After much searching they found what they were looking for in the Alta Uco Valley an area of majestic natural beauty in the foothills of the Andes. Although nothing more than a semi-desert at the time they were the very first to recognise the potential of this area for vinegrowing ; the quality of the terroir, the virgin lands set in altitude, the continental climate and the presence of a pure source of underground water coming from melted snow from the Andes Mountains.

They analysed the lands and then had their Bordeaux vigneron father, André Lurton to come to confirm their choice. He likened the gravel soils to those of Pessac Léognan, the supreme white wine appellation of Bordeaux and home to the family’s Château La Louvière and Couhins Lurton. True pioneers they embarked on the new venture purchasing 200 hectares of the virgin land in 1996.

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