Château Lagrézette

Part of what makes Château Lagrézette wines so special is that they tell a story. A story of people and grapes, heightened senses, wisdom, talents and daring.

Listening to nature
Hearing the wind get up and heralding the arrival of rain, anticipating excessive humidity on the vines, and adapting the thinning and de-leafing in response. Understanding the sound of the fermenting must, and adjusting the temperature of the vat accordingly.

Using the hands
Touching the soil, judging its density and deciding to plant cereals between the rows of vines to decompact and aerate it. Squeezing the fruit in the fingers, assessing the delicacy of the skin and the care to be taken in picking.

Opening the eyes
Watching the fruit ripen a little more each day, the skins swelling and filling with juice, and judging the best moment to start picking. Looking at the depth of color and its reflections, deducing that the vintage will be exceptional.

Relying on the nose
Smelling the aromas, recognizing the floral or fruity notes, then smelling again to capture different dimensions of the wine with a well developed nose. Smelling the new wood, recognizing the character and subtleties it will bring to the wine, and meticulously choosing the barrels to receive it.

Tasting for excellence
Tasting the bitter fruit and understanding its promise, waiting for it to ripen, admiring its generous flesh, savoring it and smiling. Tasting the precious wine, appreciating each note in order to orchestrate a balanced assembly and, at last, enjoying the results of long, hard work.

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