Alma Wines

For centuries, man has striven to define the soul. It is a nearly impossible task: capturing the immaterial, ineffable aspect of humanity said to be the source of emotion, inspiration and spirituality. “The soul is…” we might begin, but we soon find ourselves at a loss for language.We at ALMA know what it is to struggle for the words to describe a thing so lovely, it seems beyond language -- for that’s precisely how we feel about our wines. It’s why we say that ALMA is the soul of Italian wine: spirited, unequivocally passionate, and peerlessly deliciousOur roots extend deep into Italian wine-making traditions, but our fruits ripen under the warm sun of modernity, technology and versatility. Our company founders have been part of the wine-making industry since 1987, and our team of full-time enologists from a variety of backgrounds boast unparalleled expertise of the 11 wine-producing regions of Italy. ALMA wines are produced at six bottling plants throughout the country -- in Puglia, Toscana, Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto and Abruzzo -- to ensure the ALMA wine opened in any of the 64 countries where our products are available is the finest possible exemplar of authentic, regional Italian wine.We invite you to explore the individual brand profiles that comprise the ALMA legacy. We’re also here to consult with you about generating a private label tailored to your individual needs. Salute!!!

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