Cognac Ferrand

In 1989, Alexandre Gabriel teamed up with one of the Cognac region’s most esteemed producers. His intention was to breathe new life into Cognac Ferrand, while maintaining the product’s ages-old craft-based production methods. He sought to bring back to the market the true expression of the great terrior of Grande Champagne, known as Cognac’s finest region.

It is around these core values of authenticity and character that Cognac Ferrand has built its business, first with Cognac, then with other distinctive fine spirits like gin – whose particular character is based on a unique production method – and rums which are matured using a very special technique. The company now produces Cognac and Armagnac, calvados, rum, gin, vodka and liqueurs. Today, Cognac Ferrand is a highly regarded company that distributes its fine spirits in more than 40 countries. 

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