Champagne Drappier

Since 1808, the year in which François, an ancestor of Michel Drappier, moves to Urville, the domaine has been in the same family’s hands. In the 1920s, after the phylloxera and World War I, Georges, nicknamed “Father Pinot”, plants a Pinot Noir vine derived from massal selection called Pinot Fin. The wines made from these grapes have an incomparable finesse. Today André Drappier, the patriarch, is always present while the eighth generation is preparing to join a House which remains proud of its independence.

An annex of Clairvaux Abbey, the Drappier cellhiars were constructed by Saint Bernard in 1152. They bear witness to a great Cistercian epoch during which Champagne wines were served at the court of the French king. A tradition which has been maintained because today the Drappier House delivers its wines to the presidential residence of the Republic.

The vineyard adjoining the Drappier House covers 55 hectares of owned land and 50 leased. Amounting to 70% of the total area, Pinot Noir is the master. Planted essentially on slopes facing east, Chardonnay covers 15%. Pinot Meunier, which made its appearance on the domaine at the end of the 1950s following some historic frosts, represents 13%. For the remaining 2% the House is proud to grow Blanc Vrai (Pinot Blanc), Petit Meslier, Arbane (an extremely rare indigenous grape variety) and since 2013 Fromenteau (Pinot Gris). The domaine can thus boast ownership of the seven official grape varieties of the Appellation Champagne.

The Drappier vineyard has been cultivated with care and respect for the environment since 1808. Vinification methods are natural and gentle, allowing the terroir to express itself.

Drappier wines are made with respect for their characteristics, with neither discoloration nor filtration. The liqueurs de dosage are matured for 20 years in oak casks and then kept in demijohns. Their concentration is such that we can use them in infinitesimal quantities, in this way allowing the wine to express itself undisguised.

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