Cantina di Soave

The Cantina di Soave was founded in 1898 and is today one of Italy’s most prestigious wine producers. With 6,000 hectares of vineyards, the winery not only boasts an impressive past, but today exhibits a dynamism that is expressed in a wealth of initiatives and novel challenges. Piece by piece, Cantina di Soave has succeeded in assembling an illustrious mosaic of winemaking facilities and vineyards that now extends far beyond its territory of Soave, home of the celebrated Soave wine, to include the Garda area and the hills of Valpolicella, the domain of Amarone.

Cantina di Soave vineyards are distributed throughout the Verona area. Its agronomists directly control all of the vineyards and determine appropriate methodologies and timeframes for balanced development of each vineyard. The company manages 48% of the vineyards located in the Soave DOC 43% of the Soave Classico DOC 49% of the Valpolicella DOC, and 70% of the Lessini Durello DOC, percentages that testify to the winery’s widespread presence throughout the area of Verona. This extremely high number of vineyards, combined with Cantina di Soave’s vertically integrated control over the entire production process, allows the winery to enjoy a vast supply of grapes. It can therefore “select” only the finest lots of fruit, thus ensuring for each vintage and each type of wine the highest-quality production possible. Only the finest lots of wine are matured and bottled; the remaining wine is sold off in bulk.

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