Calabria Family Wines

Calabria Family Wines is a dynamic family-owned company established by Francesco and Elizabeth Calabria in Australia’s bourgeoning New South Wales Riverina in 1945. Today the company is operated by their son, Bill. While largely self-taught, Bill Calabria has an instinct and passion for the industry and a strong philosophy of keeping it personal. This has ensured that the third generation of the Calabria family now participates in the winery. Bill’s contributions to charity and the wine industry have been recognized with the Order of Australia, the country’s greatest civilian honor.

Calabria Family Wines grapes are both self-sourced as well as selected from local family grape growers, with whom many relationships have existed since the winery was founded. The Riverina Region of New South Wales is home to Calabria Family Wines, whose vineyards boast 100-year-old vines that thrive in a Mediterranean-like climate and produce extraordinarily full-bodied red wines. The region enjoys a warm climate with winter-dominant rainfall and variations of soils, from deep red tones through to brown clay loams. It is centered on the city of Griffith, which was established in the early 1900s. Today the Riverina is the second largest wine grape-producing region in Australia.

Calabria fruit is also selected from the Barossa Valley, South Australia, one of the world’s great wine regions. The Barossa is revered alongside Bordeaux and the Napa with consistently outstanding vintages over the past 150 years. Six generations of grape growers and winemakers have established the Barossa as Australia’s leader in crafting wines of great distinction.

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