Yukon Shine Distillery

Once you discover the Yukon for yourself, it never leaves you, and the further away you travel, the more it pulls at your soul. It was this pull that returned Master Distiller Karlo Krauzig to his hometown of Whitehorse in 2009 to start Yukon Shine Distillery. His vision? To capture the purity and untamed beauty of the Yukon – where the sun shines up to 20 hours a day and the air is the cleanest in the world – in a bottle.

Using pure, locally sourced grains, potatoes and botanicals – and a uniquely crafted grain recipe – every aspect of creating Krauzig’s remarkable spirits is done by hand, one bottle at a time. The distillery uses small-batch production, which means distilling the ingredients in small copper pot stills. At the heart of Yukon Shine’s unique grain recipe base – used in both its vodka and gin – is the Yukon Gold potato. Grown by local farmers, it is a short-season, fresh-market vegetable, known to be a favorite of gourmet chefs for its nutty and buttery flavor. The distillery is within sight of the mighty, glacier-fed Yukon River, made famous during the Klondike Gold Rush, and that is its water source.

Yukon Shine has developed a unique source for its starch – combining Yukon Gold potatoes, Canadian rye, and malted barley – a combination that gives its spirits their surprisingly different taste and aroma profiles. Most potato distillations use russet potatoes – or other inexpensive varieties – that are high in starch. Since Yukon Gold potatoes are the lowest in starch, more unique flavor compounds are captured during the distillation process. This results in a more viscous quality and a smooth, velvety spirit.