Kaiken Premium Wines of Argentina

Just as Kaikenes (wild geese, indigenous to Patagonia) fly over Patagonia, crisscrossing the land between Chile and Argentina, so did Montes cross over the Andes and into Argentina, with the firm purpose of producing fine wines, resulting from a perfect combination of the exceptional conditions in the Mendoza area, plus the work of talented professionals, both Chilean and Argentine: wines that reflect the best of each side of the Andes.

It was precisely the wines of Argentina that attracted Montes into that country. For that same reason Kaiken, right from the start, in 2001, embraced the task of acquiring the best grapes produced in the area. The company scoured the best grape producing estates, finally deciding for the exceptional quality of those in the First Zone (Maipú, Cruz de Piedra,Ugarteche, Agrelo) as well as from Valle de Uco. Along with selecting the best producers, Kaiken meticulously supervises each step and work in the vineyard from start to finish of each growing season, observing each little detail.

Kaiken concentrates on the two varieties most representative of Argentina – Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon – giving birth to two types of wine: Kaiken Reserva and Kaiken Ultra. These wines represent the company’s passion and total commitment to quality, as well as the true expression of the terroir and climate.

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