Cielo e Terra

The bond between the earth (terra) and the Cielo family originated in the Valle del Chiampo in 1908, specifically in the Casa Defrà estate, around the modest Cielo family vineyard. Giovanni Cielo’s newly-established family activity immediately began to bear fruit.

The family-run activity continued to develop and expand as a result of the work of one of the sons, Pietro Cielo, the only family member to remain  in Montorso. His deep affinity with the earth was made apparent by his determination to carry on with the family tradition and also by his commitment to social issues.

In 1962, the wine growing and production business expanded as a result of the efforts of three of the eight sons of the second-generation brothers Pietro, Giovanni, Renzo and Piergiorgio. Their enthusiasm led to the establishment of a new winery created on the company’s present premises and to the expansion of their national wine market. However, it was soon clear that the output of the small-scale winegrowing activity was not sufficient to satisfy market demands, so “Cielo” began to buy bulk wine which they processed and bottled.

Since Luca and Pierpaolo Cielo have taken over the reigns into the new millenium the company has been strengthened by the union of the Cielo family tradition and the experience of over 2000 wine producers of the Colli Berici, not to mention that fact that the quality of the product has reached even higher levels. At this point in time Cielo e Terra has achieved its mission and the company has taken its place as leader of the large-scale retail trade in Italy, with an ever-increasing presence on foreign markets

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