Pardon et Fils

The Pardon family have owned vineyards in the Beaujolais wine-growing region since 1820. The demarcation of the fine Crus into appellations (AOCs) only started in 1936.
Our cellar is in the locality known as “La Chevalière” in Beaujeu in the département of Rhône (69), about 55 km north of Lyon. Beaujeu is the historical capital of the Beaujolais wine-growing region.

We also have two wineries, one in RÉGNIÉ DURETTE and the second in FLEURIE, further north in the area of the Crus.

So as to be able to offer a comprehensive range, in addition to the wines from our own estates, we work in partnership with other wine-growers located on the terroirs that are most representative of the region. The same goes for the wines from the Mâcon wine-growing region like the Domaine du Grison and the Château de Chasselas. As for the small number of Burgundy wines on our list, we select these very carefully; most of them are bottled in Beaune.

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